List of Seminars, Workshops and Conferences

Media Missionary School offers an assortment of seminars and workshops on the issue of media, faith and culture from a Christian Biblical basis. Timeframes range from one-hour workshops, half-day seminars, full-day conferences or 2-day conferences. Open to all ages.

All sessions and workshops are multi-media and interactive. If you are interested in booking a workshop, seminar or conference, contact Media Missionary School for more information by e-mailing us at or by calling direct at 859-907-1848.

What is a Media Culture and Why Is It Both a Crisis and Opportunity to the Body of Christ?

Today we live in a mass media culture with images being communicated on multiple levels. Where does culture end, and where does media begin? Have they merged to create a media culture? And what does that mean me for you and I? This workshop will challenge us about the conventional wisdom of today’s media and will offer solutions and opportunities on how we can effectively use media to build the Kingdom of God.

The Perfect Storm, The Roots of the Media Culture.

It’s often been said if we don’t learn from history, we will repeat the mistakes of the past. Over the past few decades, a series of events have led to the creation and the emergence of today’s modern media culture. This seminar will explore the roots and the origins of mass media and its implications for the Body of Christ.

Five Core Principles that Can Change Our World.

We all want to make a difference. Most of us would agree that our culture and the world we live in is in need of change. Why is our message not being heard in today’s society? Why has the Body of Christ lost our influence on today’s generation? This workshop presents an overview of five key principles that every Christian can put into practice on a daily basis that can make a real difference.

The Language of Media and Why You Need to Know It.

Media has its own syntax, code, and subtext. Never before has it been more important for Christians to unlock the secrets and the messages behind today’s media culture. This seminar offers practical skills, knowledge and techniques on how to decipher the hidden messages and understand what the media is communicating. You will never be the same after attending this workshop.

Hollywood, The New Mission Field.

Could Hollywood be a legitimate mission field? Is it a people group with its own language, customs, rituals and gods? If we approach Hollywood as a mission field, what does that mean for the Body of Christ? This workshop will be an eye-opener as we take a look at Hollywood and how Christians are changing the face of the entertainment industry.

What is God’s Heart for Hollywood?

Is it possible that God is at work in the entertainment industry? Could he be using nonbelievers to communicate his message? Does God have a plan for Hollywood and the entertainment industry? This seminar offers perspective and insight into how God is working in the lives of both Christians and nonbelievers to fulfill his purposes through entertainment.

Prayer, The Final Frontier.

Should we be praying for Christians and nonbelievers who work in Hollywood and the entertainment industry? And what should we be praying for? Prayer is the foundation of the Christian life. Without it nothing happens. This workshop takes a hard look at why we must pray for the world’s most influential mission field.

The Rise of the Media Missionary and the Impact on Our Culture.

Who are the media missionaries today? Could you be one? Can you change media? This seminar takes a look at the role and purpose of media missionaries and how they are the vanguard of a new revival. We will also explore what can be done on the local level to bring about change in our culture.

Through the Matrix. Do we really understand the world we live in?

Have we taken the time to contemplate our true purpose. Do we have a vision on how we should live our lives? Has the media convinced us that the world we live in today is the only form of reality that we will really understand. Just like in the movie, The Matrix, this seminar will ask you which pill will you choose.

Is the Media Culture Changing the Face of Christianity?

Has the media culture changed our perspective and views? What is the future of the Church? Will we continue to have an impact on our society? These are the types of complex questions we will explore in this workshop as we seek answers and solutions on how we, the Body of Christ, can impact and change today’s emerging media culture.

The Power of Film.

Movies have the ability to express the human condition in all of its forms. It’s through films that we can express our wants, fears, hurts and desires. Cinema has a unique ability to shape public perception while educating and enlightening our society. This enlightening seminar will change forever what you think about films and how they can be used to illustrate Biblical principles.

Has Hollywood Found Religion?

We live in an ever-changing world. Nowhere is that more true than in Hollywood. Today it would seem that Hollywood is offering more entertainment that supports Biblical principles. This workshop offers an inside look into the forces behind Hollywood’s sudden shift in attitude and perspective.

How Do I Know If I’ve Been Called to Hollywood to be a Filmmaker?

Perhaps this is the most often asked question by those who are considering a career in film and television. Is it possible to combine your passion for God and your passion for media? How do you know if you are called? This workshop will explore your passion, dreams and strengths in determining God’s plan for your life. Obviously, this is only a beginning, but hopefully it will give you the tools that are necessary to begin your journey.

What Do I Need to Do in Order to be Successful in Hollywood?

The question of success often comes up for those who are considering a move to Hollywood as they pursue a career in film or TV. But what is success? How can we measure it? Does God have a different perspective on success? This seminar takes a hard look at what you need to do now in order to prepare practically, professionally and, most importantly, spiritually for a career in Hollywood.

What Type of Movies Should Christians be Making?

If you are ready to be a filmmaker, what now? Should you be making Christian films? Or are there other alternatives? What are the most effective films that can impact an audience on a spiritual and emotional level? This seminar offers insight to filmmakers about the importance of redemptive and transformational stories and how they can be used to reach your audience.

Why Do Nonbelievers Make the Best Christian Movies?

From Chariots of Fire to Places in the Heart and, most recently, The Book of Eli, nonbelievers seem to be doing a better job of presenting Biblical truths. Why is that? What do they know that we don’t know? This workshop offers ten practical steps that will transform your project into a movie that will be more Christian in nature than most Christian films are in content.

Keys to Low-Budget Filmmaking.

Thanks to the digital revolution, filmmaking has become affordable. Is it possible to make a movie that can compete with Hollywood? This seminar looks at the practical application of filmmaking from a low-budget approach and offers real solutions that can make your film look big league. By following the Guerilla Code and low-budget principles, your film does not have to look low budget.